Curriculum Vitae of Jakub Štědroň

Curriculum Vitae of Mgr. Jakub Štědroň

My name is Jakub Štědroň and I was born on 22/5/1979. After graduating from a business academy, I studied at the College of Journalism and in 2000 I began studying cultural theory at the Faculty of Arts at Charles University, which I successfully completed in 2007. During my studies, I had several short-term attachments at the Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and took part in in-the-field research of Roma communities for the Socioklub association. I, in part, utilized the subject of national minorities and multiculturalism when writing my thesis, which concerned the past and present of the phenomenon of positive discrimination (affirmative action) in the United States of America. I would also like to devote myself to this subject during my doctorate studies, which I began in 2008.

During the summer holidays in 2002 and 2003, I worked for a total of 8 months in the USA in summer camps, first in the state of Wisconsin as an assistant kosher baker at the Ramah Jewish camp, and a year later as a tennis instructor at the Arrowhead sports camp in the suburbs of Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania. After both camps ended, I continued working in various manual labour positions, e.g. at the University of Wisconsin, in the town of Whitewater. Starting in 2005, I have always spent part of the summer, at first participating in and then also in actively co-organizing, summer voluntary worcamps in Vienna, Austria. Their objectives were varied reconstruction and artistic activities, and in addition to the participation of volunteers from the entire world, children and adolescents with various types of physical and mental disabilities also took part. This summer I would like to continue being an instructor in Vienna in our worcamp, which shall focus on gardening work in the parks of Vienna.

Since September 2006, I have been working at Prague City Hall. I originally began working there as a specialist in national minorities, and since March 2007, I have been working as an assistant to the Prague Social Ombudsman.  My work consists of social consultancy and helping primarily senior citizens and disabled citizens.

From October 2008 to February 2009, I was in a short-term, five-month work attachment at the European Union Agency for Fundamentals Rights in Vienna, in the Communication and Awareness Rising Department. Here, one of my duties was preparing, in cooperation with Vienna City Hall, a great competition and amusement event, Diversity Day (Der Tag der Vielfalt) for a total of 3,000 students from Austria, and also the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

My hobbies include geography, literature, politics, and culture. I am intensely interested in public events, and together with friends, we have been organizing the Earth Day celebration for children and their parents in Prague 6, in the Šárecké valley, since 2003. It includes various games and also the cleaning up of rubbish. We receive a grant from the Municipal District Authority of Prague 6 for the event.

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